“Your sincere desire to lead me to the best decision was one of the primary factors in bringing me to my new position.”

–Daniel Hadley, President of Express Freight Factors


Our job is to find the best available talent for our clients in the Asset-Based Lending and Factoring Industry.

We are a tremendous asset to our candidates because we have the inside information on the companies, their goals, structure and will not waste your time, if a fit or match is not there. Further, we are somewhat old fashioned and do not blast your resumes or share your confidential information until you have given us permission. Use CFC as a member of your personal network to confidentially seek a better opportunity or to find what the market offers.

Choose CFC because:

  • We work exclusively in the Asset-Based Lending and Factoring Industry.
  • We are well known and respected in our industry.
  • We deal with the level and type of position you desire.
  • We have a stellar reputation.
  • We have excellent references from other candidates such as yourself.
  • We are extremely confidential in all matters concerning our industry.

Maintain the best relationship and get more from us by:

  • Being completely forthright about what you are seeking and your expectations.
  • Educating us about your situation. Keeping periodic contact.
  • Expecting a give-and-take relationship.
  • Giving us timely feedback after interviews.

Avoid recruiters who:

  • Show unethical behavior by violating confidentiality or withholding information.
  • Only tell you the good about an opportunity and not the whole truth.
  • Release or sends out your resume without permission.
  • Have a personal chemistry that doesn't click with yours.

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