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Always Watching

Oct 14, 2021

Randy was a fresh hire at the office. He’d been brought in from a much smaller company and this was an incredible opportunity for him. Determined to make a good impression in his first week, he decided to stay late and finish up a few tasks.

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Measuring Cups

Oct 5, 2021

What Is Success?

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Mountain Climbing

Sep 27, 2021

Mountain climbing is not a hobby many people take on. Sure, we’ve all gone for a hike or followed a trail up to a waterfall, but real mountain climbing is a completely different story. It requires years of practice, thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and nerves of steel.

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Roller Coaster

Sep 22, 2021

When riding a roller coaster, going up is long and boring, but going down is fun and exciting! However, when you have ups and downs in your career, it’s exactly the opposite.

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Aug 20, 2021

Don’t get distracted by a fast-paced workday. Allowing yourself a few minutes to consider the future might be the best thing you do for yourself today.

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The Struggle

Aug 6, 2021

Where are you on your butterfly journey?

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Greener Pastures

Jul 22, 2021

When I hear the phrase ‘greener pastures’ I think about a cow standing in a field of lush grass sticking its head through a wire fence to eat the plants growing on the other side.

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Jul 13, 2021

While prisms are unable to create light on their own, they can refract it. The brighter the light flowing into them, the brighter the light they release.

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Level Up

Jun 30, 2021

In video games, leveling up your character is very important. Sometimes it can be tedious or seem pointless. However, if your character’s skills don’t advance, you will struggle to move forward in the game.

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Jun 8, 2021

When baking, some of the most common items include flour, sugar, salt, eggs, butter, vanilla, and, chocolate. Once combined, the mixture is generally referred to as batter or dough. However, even though all the ingredients have been added, the process isn’t quite finished yet.

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