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“You also did an excellent job during the negotiations for compensation walking the fine line between working for us and the candidate.”

-Bert Goldberg, President of Distinctive Solutions


We are highly niched and the best at one thing, finding the best talent in the Asset-Based Lending and Factoring Industries.

"Retained" or "Contingency"??

When Should Retained Searches Be Used and Why?

  • URGENCY: If it is urgent that you have a person by a certain date, retained is the type of search that should seriously be considered.
  • EXCLUSIVITY: In the North American market with so few people, this benefit gives you the "right of first refusal" on any candidate that is recruited in your target market. In contingency searches, you will be competing with other clients for the same candidates.
  • RELATIONSHIP AND COMMITMENT: The relationship is deeper on the part of CFC and our client. A payment is required at the signing of the contract, hence the commitment on both sides is much stronger than "If you find the right person, we will hire them." which is really what contingency means.
  • GUARANTY PERIOD: The guaranty period is 3 times longer with Retained vs. Contingency.
  • GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE: CFC has never failed to successfully complete a retained assignment with our clients, 100% success rate. It is a record we are very proud of and intend to preserve.
  • A special note on retained searches. We have a record of 100% fulfillment on Retained Searches, but this option is not available to every client. It is only offered on a case-by-case basis after a determination is made that it is a search we can bring to a successful completion.

When Should Contingency Searches Be Used?

  • Contingency Searches are used for ongoing openings, which are not urgent in nature. Our Contingency Search is available to companies that do not want a devoted search effort but want to see qualified candidates with whom we are currently working, or who are located as a result of another search who fit your criteria. Under the contingency search, you pay for our services only if you hire one of our candidates. This option is selected when a critical need does not exist. Replacement guarantee is 30 days and exclusivity of candidates is not offered with this option.


Services Retained Contingency
Level of Commitment Highest Priority As Time Permits
Relationship Partnering Transactional
Search Profile Written & Approved Written & Approved
Exclusivity of Candidates 30 Days Not Offered
Written Candidate Overview Yes Resume Only
Project Team (Multiple Recruiters) Yes Not Offered
Replacement Guarantee 90 Days 30 Days