"You have consistently performed beyond expectations."

–Patrick M. Haney, President of Commercial Capital Lending, LLC


The Recruiting Process with CFC


CFC has developed the most efficient and successful process to working with hundreds of clients in the ABL and Factoring Industry. This process saves them time and gives them optimal return on their investment.

Unlike hiring candidates who answer ads, submit resumes, or who are referred by other methods, the bulk of candidates surfaced by CFC fall into one or all of the following categories:

1. Are currently employed and not actively looking to change,
2. Are doing the job our clients want done in your competitor’s company and doing it well,
3. Are top talent whom our clients must attract, sell and woo to their firms for reasons other than dollars alone,
4. Are interviewing our clients, as much as the clients are interviewing the candidates.

For these and many more reasons, these passive candidates must be handled differently. The process of attracting those highly qualified people to your firm requires a well-coordinated, joint effort from both our clients and CFC.


We are very sensitive to the many demands on our clients time, and the financial commitment required to locate and hire the right talent. Therefore, we will not present a candidate until we have completed the following steps.

Develop Precise Candidate Qualifications. We work with key management to clearly define the skills, attributes and talents of the qualifications they seek. Equally important are those special qualities of our client companies and the opportunity offered which will help us to attract the individual sought.

Research the Industry Thoroughly. Our team will prepare a search plan designed to identify the companies to be targeted and thoroughly analyze the market to assure that we identify the best available talent. This will be done utilizing our proprietary database and the expertise accumulated over decades in the industry.

Interview and Qualify Each Potential Recruit. In-depth interviews will be conducted with each candidate who shows an interest in pursuing the client’s opportunity. This is to determine a particular individual’s qualifications, genuine interest and conformity with the client’s specifications.

Conduct Preliminary Reference Checks. We will independently verify and check employment references on all candidates. This further determines and defines the candidate's qualifications to lower our Client’s risk of hiring.

Evaluate. We will evaluate all recruited candidates based on the client’s requirements and specifications. Utilizing our in-depth knowledge of the kinds of motivations needed to make a career move, we will select the top candidates best suited to our client’s specifications.

Presentation. We will then present the candidates by discussing with all those involved in the hiring process.


Our responsibility does not end until we have assisted the client through the final stages of the hiring process, which is designed to fully commit the candidate they select, and smoothly bring that individual on board. In fact, if the client desires, we will continue to monitor the new hire for several months after he/she is on board to ensure a smooth transition and to assist in heading off any potential problems or misunderstandings.

Debrief. After the interview has taken place, we will assist the client in evaluating the results. Giving them feedback from the candidates, garnered in our follow-up conversations, discover any questions either party may have, getting answers, and addressing any concerns the client or candidate may have.

Negotiations. We will assist our client’s to negotiate a comprehensive compensation package to successfully complete the search assignment.

Resignation. We also assist the new hire in withdrawing gracefully, but emphatically, from his/her current employer in the most expeditious manner.

Relocation. We can provide for both the client and the new hire assistance, as needed for relocation services.

Follow-up. We will follow up with the client, and the candidate hired, on a periodic basis to assure a positive and long-term relationship.

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