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Creating A Winning Company Culture

Part 2: Creating A Winning Company Culture – People: Your Most Valuable Asset What is Culture? Culture is defined as “predominating attitudes and behaviors that characterize the functioning of a group or organization.” How are these attitudes and behaviors formed? What really makes the difference in a great culture and one which leaves something to…

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The Top 4 Reasons Candidates Change Jobs

1. They feel a lack of trust and/or respect

Trust is a delicate thing, once broken, it is nearly impossible to mend. Respect is important too, not just for the employee to feel respected, but for them to respect the organization they are a part of.

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People: “Your Most Valuable Asset”

Human capital is an important component of most industries; however, it is the most important element in the Factoring Industry. There is a science to factoring but there is also an art. That is where human capital shows its true value.

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Keeping Your Best People on Board

How Things Have Changed My mother went to work for a company in 1955 and retired, after 34 years, from the same organization. Just one office, one job, and one company for all those years. Now, granted, she wasn’t in the Factoring Industry and it was a large corporation, but she felt a strong sense…

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Risk Free Hiring

For the Factoring and Asset Based Lending Industry I would love to present you with a special and magical formula that could guarantee every person you hired would be wildly successful and extremely productive, instead of costing you money. The truth is Ponce De Leon had a better chance of finding the ‘Fountain of Youth’…

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