In the last seven months, one of the largest procedural changes most companies have made is in the hiring process. Gone are the days when candidates arrive at the office, shake hands with the manager or president, and then sit down for a face-to-face interview.

Distance Interviewing

Now, it is more common to interview potential employees via phone or video chat. This has both positive and negative results. When it comes to getting a feel for who someone is, nothing is as effective as meeting them in-person. However, distance interviews are much easier logistically and considered far safer in today’s world.

While there is nothing wrong with doing the first interview over the phone, it is wise to have at least one video meeting. This will allow you to get a good idea of how the candidate presents themself in-person. You may also be able to glean extra information about the candidate from their environment. Items such as sports memorabilia or artistic photography can give insight into the individual’s interests. Much in the same way, family portraits can help you understand what motivates this prospective employee.

Finding New Talent

Another thing to consider is whether the new employee will be working from home long-term. With advances in technology, having remote employees has never been easier. Telecommuting has become a viable option, meaning candidates who were previously out of reach have now become available.

For safety reasons, conferences and conventions are no longer being held, which can present a challenge for hiring authorities trying to network with up and coming talent. There are still a large number of online resources available, LinkedIn being the first and foremost as it is the most widely used.

However, if these avenues fall short, CFC is always ready to help. Our extensive database and strong relationships throughout the Factoring and ABL industry are unmatched. Contact us today to talk about the best possible future for your company.