1. They feel a lack of trust and/or respect

Trust is a delicate thing, once broken, it is nearly impossible to mend. Respect is important too, not just for the employee to feel respected, but for them to respect the organization they are a part of.

2. There is no opportunity or chance of advancement

Without a career path in front of them, people grow dissatisfied and bored. The best employees strive to challenge themselves, develop their strengths, and work on their weakness. However, if there’s nothing to strive for, individuals won’t even make an attempt of bettering themselves and will eventually look elsewhere.

3. The management is poor and/or Inconsistent

When management isn’t good, stress levels, and frustration rise. No one wants to be part of an organization that doesn’t implement quality procedures. Employees will soon begin searching for a company that will help their career grow instead of grounding it.

4. Not enough Money

You’re probably surprised this isn’t first on the list, but it’s usually the 3rd of 4th reason employees give for seeking a new job. Changing jobs and companies is a traumatic experience for a person, and unless it’s a large amount of money, this is probably not the whole story. That being said, money is definitely still a factor in every job change that takes place.

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