Whether you are traveling across the world or across the country, you are bound to run into different cultural practices and traditions.

For instance, in most parts of the world graveyards are consider unlucky or, at the very least, creepy, but not in Denmark. Instead of theaters, malls, or restaurants, it is not uncommon for the citizens of Denmark to meet and enjoy time with their family and friends among the gravestones. Since the graveyards are well-manicured, they have almost become like parks and are treated as such.

Also, there are a lot of countries that have taboos about pointing. To avoid any inappropriate gestures, Nicaraguans point with their lips instead of their fingers. They do this by puckering and moving their mouths to communicate where your attention should be directed.

Finally, rules of etiquette often dictate that eating loudly is rude and unacceptable. However, there are several exceptions. In Japan, slurping while eating noodles is considered a compliment, while the Chinese burp after a meal to show their satisfaction.

Company Culture

Considering how different one society can be from another, we should not be surprised by the differences in culture. Similarly, we shouldn’t be surprised that many organizations have different company cultures. Whether you are running an office or looking for a new job, company culture is very important.

If you work full time from the office, you’ll spend about a third of your week there. That being said, the last thing you want to do is join an organization with a toxic environment. This can lead to a miserable work life and will add stress to your personal life as well.

When bringing in new talent, it is just as important to ensure that the candidate will be a good cultural fit as that they are qualified for the role. Few things can destroy a company faster than having a bad company culture. It is one of the top reasons good employees leave organizations.

As recruiters, one of the biggest factors Commercial Finance Consultants takes into account when arranging a placement is the company culture. Our goal is to make integration as seamless as possible and finding a good cultural fit is paramount to that endeavor.

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