Recently, the Coast Guard released a list of valuable items to have if your boat ever breaks down and you are stuck in the middle of the ocean. These items include extra water and food rations, an ocean fishing kit, a plastic sheet to collect rainwater, rope, and even a box of chocolate bars.

However, none of these are considered the most important survival tool to have if lost at sea. Ranked number one on their list is a standard mirror. The reasoning behind this choice is that a mirror can be used to reflect the sun and signal other vessels for rescue.

A mirror can be almost as important to your career or company as it is when stranded in the ocean. Instead of signaling others for rescue, it can be used for self-reflection.

Why is self-reflection important?

Learning from the past is one of the best ways to improve the future. It is also good to evaluate your own strengths and weakness. This will allow you to invest in the areas you will accel and work on developing the abilities you are lacking. All in all, self-reflection can be hard, but must be done objectively to be worthwhile.

As a candidate, nothing is more important for your career than being able to take a good, long look at yourself and determine what’s next for your professional growth. Perhaps it’s time to tell your boss you want more responsibilities. If you’re not quite prepared for that, you might consider spending a few hours a week working on professional development and rounding out your skillset. Or maybe you’ve outgrown your current role and it’s time to start looking for a new position.

If you are already in a position of leadership, maybe it’s not yourself, but your company and/or team that need to be evaluated. It could be time to promote some of your employees and give them more authority. If you don’t think they are ready, you might consider encouraging professional development and team-building exercises. It is also good to consider that your organization is ready to expand by adding another talented individual to the team.

If you’ve taken a good, long look at your company or career and can see that it’s time for a change, consider reaching out to us. Commercial Finance Consultants would love to have a no-pressure conversation with you about what the future holds. We are happy to share industry knowledge and would value the chance to learn about your experience. Even if you aren’t ready to move forward today, we are always open to building relationships for future opportunities.

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