Recipes call for ingredients.

When baking, some of the most common items include flour, sugar, salt, eggs, butter, vanilla, and, chocolate. Once combined, the mixture is generally referred to as batter or dough. However, even though all the ingredients have been added, the process isn’t quite finished yet.

The missing step is the actual baking. Until the oven has been fired up and our creations have been properly cooked, we are left with an incomplete product.

As a recruiter, I can’t help but compare this to the career growth of the candidates I work with every day. Each has their initial talents and abilities, these are their “ingredients”. Not all baked goods use the same ingredients and even if they do, they often call for different amounts. People are just the same, no two are completely alike. We here at Commercial Finance Consultants believe this is a good thing since no two positions are completely alike either.

When it comes to “baking”, this relates to our candidates’ work experience that has forged their expertise, allowed them to rise to meet challenges, and solidified them into passionate industry professionals.

Even once a significant amount of experience is added to a candidate’s resume, they can still continue to build their skill set through professional development. This kind of career advancement is like the icing on top. It sweetens the deal for future employers.

Maybe you’ve just started gaining experience or maybe you’ve already got a decade under your belt, no matter where you are in the baking process, CFC would love to help you make your next career move! Alternatively, maybe you’ve started looking to add to your team or company. CFC can help give you access to the most scrumptious talent in the industry!

Either way, get in touch with us today so we can start cooking!