Diamonds are widely considered one of the most precious materials found on our planet. For many years they have been a sign of wealth and sophistication. In ancient times, diamonds were believed to be tears of the gods. Kings and rulers would wear them into battle believing they had special powers that would bring them victory and keep them safe from harm.

Ever since 400 BC, the demand for them has been steadily growing. In the 1940s, their popularity spiked as diamond engagement rings became common. Today, they are a billion-dollar industry, with entire stores devoted wholly to them.

Formed under immense pressure a hundred feet below the earth’s surface, diamond is rated as the 7th hardest substance known to man. It also holds the title of most scratch-resistant element, ranking it above metals such as steel and titanium. In fact, the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond. The name itself comes from a Greek word, “adamas”, which literally means invincible.

For all their amazing features and high demand, when diamonds come out of the earth, they aren’t all that remarkable. Most look like glass or quartz, while others appear to be nothing more than ordinary rocks. Someone needs to recognize their worth, then put in the effort to get them cleaned up. They have to be sorted, cut, and polished before becoming the beautiful ornaments we see in jewelry stores.

Recurring is often similar to the diamond industry. We pick through the dirt and the muck, looking for candidates who have good potential. Once we find them, it’s a matter of polishing and finding a perfect place for them.

All diamonds are unique, just like candidates and companies. Fitting an individual into the right organization takes precision and finesse. Years of experience have given us a strong intuition on how to pair quality candidates with good companies, just as a pristine diamond is paired with a gold setting. Together, they are more impressive than either individually.

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