When I hear the phrase ‘greener pastures’ I think about a cow standing in a field of lush grass sticking its head through a wire fence to eat the plants growing on the other side. Even with so much food easily accessible, there is something that makes the grass that the cow can barely reach preferable. The animal is so concerned that it might be missing out that it’s willing to half strangle itself.

Does the cow actually have the innate ability to sense when one blade of grass will taste superior to another or is the cow just so concerned with what is out of reach that he can’t see all that he has? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you.

However, sometimes it is very obvious why the cow wants to be on the other side of the fence. The field the cow is standing in may be full of dead, dried-up grass or perhaps it only grows thistles. In these situations, what the cow really needs is for the farmer to come along and open the gate, letting the animal into a more fertile pasture. Until that happens, all the poor creature can do is pick at the fringe.

In your career, opportunities will arise that are incredibly lush and green. When this happens, you might find yourself relating to the cow as you try to shove your head through the fence far enough to get a taste of what’s on the other side.

Just like the farmer can help the cow get to a better place, a recruiter can open the path to an out-of-reach opportunity. Whether your field is no longer fertile, too small, or even if you just want to see what you are missing, reach out to Commercial Finance Consultants today. With our help, you can find a place where the grass really is greener.


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