When you think of a hermit crab, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Their shell of course! These unique creatures lack the hard exoskeleton that covers most crabs. Instead, they have a soft, fleshy abdomen that must be protected at all costs. They do this by finding discarded shells and carrying them on their backs so that when they feel threatened, they can retract inside and wait for the danger to pass.

This defense mechanism serves them well most of the time. However, due to their continuous growth, they eventually run out of room. When this happens, the hermit crab will begin searching for a new shell. They need one that isn’t too big or too small, but just the right fit.

Now comes the tricky part. While the hermit crab is inspecting new possible shells, it must step away from the protection of its old shell. This is when the creature is most vulnerable since its soft underbelly is exposed.

Making the transition is very important. Without a bigger and better shell, the hermit crab’s growth and health will be adversely affected. But the process must be done quickly to decrease the risk.

Throughout their lives, humans also continue to grow. Not in size, like hermit crabs, but in skill and experience. When an employee outgrows their role within a company, they will start seeking a new position. Just like with the hermit crab, the process can be stressful and the new situation must be the right fit.

For Candidates

If an employee remains in a position they have outgrown, it will stunt their career. Taking the next step can be scary. It’s hard to walk away from somewhere that is safe in order to try and find something better. This process can be a bit of a gamble and I advise careful consideration before attempting.

The benefits of taking on a bigger role can be extraordinary. It can mean a better salary, more responsibility, access to advanced training, and opportunities to network. These are just some of the many reasons that make it worth taking the next steps.

For Companies

Companies are the same. In order to thrive, they must continue growing. Not only in physical size, like hermit crabs, but in aptitude, services offered, and employees. This last item can be one of the hardest to acquire.

Finding quality employees is a challenge and hiring is always a little risky. Just like with a crab’s shell, it must be a good fit. Candidates need to have the necessary skills, proper work ethic, and be a good cultural match.

Another thing for companies to remember about growth is that while they are growing, so are their employees. When a company hires someone, their skills and abilities will continue to develop throughout their time in the role. If the organization wants to keep their best talent, it is good for them to consider promoting from within.

All in all, growth is a part of life. It is hard, but necessary. Even if you’re nervous about taking the next step, don’t let anxiety stunt your growth. As recruiters working solely in the Factoring and ABL community, Commercial Finance Consultants can help you find the perfect fit and ensure a smooth transition.

So, when your shell starts getting too tight, give CFC a call!


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