One of the most well-known pieces of equipment on a boat is the anchor. When the ship is moving at full speed on the open seas, the anchor isn’t that useful. However, when there’s a storm or if the ship needs to remain in one location, the anchor is invaluable.

Anchors are made of metal, can weigh up to 30,000 pounds on large vessels, and are generally designed with protruding hooks. Attached to chains that can be anywhere from six to ninety feet in length, anchors sink to the bottom of the lake or ocean and hold the boat in place.

When the storms of life hit, we all want to know that we have a safe harbor to remain anchored in until the danger has passed. Good companies can give this to their employees by providing support in times of personal crisis and a sense of security when the job market is turbulent.

If your current company doesn’t make you feel secure, then maybe it’s time to raise your anchor and look for a new place to dock. Companies that overlook you for promotion, deny your vacation time, or make it clear they don’t care about your work/life balance would also be willing to replace you in a heartbeat. Don’t give them your loyalty when you can find a place that will truly value your skills and help advance your career.

On the flip side, as an owner, manager, or team leader, you can provide this by understanding that your employees are not machines and sometimes emergencies arise. Giving support to your team when they are dealing with personal struggles as well as professional struggles will help build their sense of security.

Nothing is as reassuring as knowing that you, as an employer, will continue to provide opportunities for advancement along with job security. This will build trust and loyalty, both of which are wonderful things for company culture.

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