One of the rarest jobs ever to have existed is being an astronaut. Barely six hundred people in all of history have made the trip into outer space. Of course, this makes it a highly competitive field with thousands of applicants.

Every astronaut who ever set foot in a rocket spent hundreds of hours preparing both physically and mentally. This training includes learning all the different systems, launch simulations, and underwater “spacewalks”. Lessons take place both in a classroom and on pieces of equipment meant to mimic the reality of living in space.

Astronaut training is rigorous and can take years to complete. Each individual is assigned a specific area to focus on and make their specialty. In addition, all astronauts must be in excellent physical shape and pass many psychological tests to be included in the team.

When all is said and done, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve the position of astronaut. Candidates can’t be passive and must actively pursue their dream of traveling to the stars.

How are you actively pursuing your dream job? Do you take the time to hone your skills? Do you seek out networking opportunities? Do you volunteer for special assignments to broaden your abilities and experiences?

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