A Caterpillar Story

Almost everyone in the world agrees that butterflies are among the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Their colorful wings are not only decorative but can carry them aloft as they fly from flower to flower in search of tasty nectar.

Butterflies are so popular that we fashion jewelry in their likeness, paint murals of them, wear clothing where they are depicted, and even have special gardens designed to attract them. And what’s not to love? There are 150,000 different species of butterfly, who come in a variety of sizes and are every color of the rainbow.

Most creatures are considered to be cuter when they are babies, but this is the exact opposite for butterflies. They hatch from eggs as caterpillars, which look something like worms, albeit more colorful. Their appearance is so radically different, that many people don’t consider them anything special and will remove them from their gardens.

So how does the little creepy crawly transform into a winged delight?

There are a few answers to this question. As a larva, the butterfly must eat a substantial amount of foliage to sustain its metamorphosis. Next, the caterpillar finds a safe place to spin its cocoon, where it will remain concealed as the transformation takes place. Finally, the fully developed butterfly must struggle free from the cocoon. This struggle is very important. It is what allows the butterfly’s wings to strengthen enough to give it flight. Without this important part of their life cycle, the butterfly would never be able to get off the ground and their beautiful wings would be useless.

Where are you on your butterfly journey?

The stages of your career are similar to the life cycle of the butterfly and Commercial Finance Consultants is here to help. Whether you need to work on gaining the skills to sustain yourself or to find a safe place to build your experience or even if you’re ready to struggle through a new challenge, we can work with you to find a place that suits your needs. It is our pleasure to help as you transform your career into a thing of beauty.

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