The definition of launch is ‘to set in motion by pushing’. Its synonyms include begin, put to sea, throw, embark, instigate, hurl, start, and initiate. However, even with a variety of meanings that encompass many different actions, the thing I think most people associate with the word launch is a rocket entering outer space.

Even if it’s not the first thing that comes to your mind, it’s certainly one of the most powerful images of how something can be launched. Burning around 15,000 gallons of fuel per second, rockets must produce over 7 million pounds of thrust to reach orbit. If you’ve ever seen one take off, you know it’s a loud and fiery affair.

With all that power, things would go incredibly wrong if the rocket wasn’t using the proper coordinates and pointed in the right direction. Not only would the resources be wasted, but the shuttle would be torn to pieces and lives lost.

Direction Matters

You can’t reach your destination on a road trip without knowing how to get there, you can’t make a specific dish for the first time unless you follow the recipe in a cookbook, and you can’t advance your career without knowing how to take the next step.

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