When you only have one piece of a puzzle, it can be very hard to tell what the completed image is going to look like. The piece might be all one color or have a distinct pattern, but without the other pieces, you are getting a very limited view of the whole picture.

Puzzles can be both fun and frustrating depending on the number of pieces, the complexity of the design, and your level of patience. They are a long-standing family favorite that help develop fine motor skills and problem-solving.

Putting together a puzzle is about building the image one piece at a time. Much like the employees of a company, every piece needs to be in the right place for the big picture to become visible. If one gets wedged into a place where it doesn’t belong, the entire puzzle with be affected. Both a puzzle and an organization need to be constructed with this in mind.

As recruiters, there are several key things that Commercial Finance Consultants looks at in order to ensure that individuals are a good fit for their perspective company.

First, we examine the skills of the candidate to make sure they will be able to fulfill the proposed role. The last thing we want to do is set someone up for failure.

Next, we schedule interviews to allow both parties to determine if they are a good cultural fit. Company culture should never be taken lightly. It can be the deciding factor in whether an organization thrives and flourishes or falls apart.

Finally, we verify the logistics of the situation, by ensuring that the practical expectations of both the candidate and hiring authority align. This includes work hours, possible re-location packages, salary, and bonuses. Our goal is always to find the perfect match, where the candidate fits seamlessly with the rest of the team and fills in any gaps that the company may have. If you’re looking for a new position that is a perfect fit or ready to complete the big picture for your company, give us a call today! 

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