Superstition tells us that walking under a ladder is bad luck. Logic tells us it’s just not a smart thing to do.

Interestingly, ladders are only supposed to be unlucky if you are under them. If you are on top, no one bats an eye. This imagery brings to mind the career ladder, another place we always want to be on top instead of the bottom.

As a recruiter, people often ask me how they can move up the career ladder. The answer is just like with a physical ladder, one step at a time. But what are those steps?

1. Be someone worth promoting. Complete assignments on time and work diligently even when unsupervised.

2. Keep working on yourself. This may require you to put in some time and effort to obtain additional training and/or certifications.

3. Be a positive influence on your co-workers. Encouraging and helping others to grow are signs of leadership.

4. Don’t shy away from responsibility. Taking on challenging tasks will not only make you stand out among your peers but will help you develop professionally.

Now, before you get started on this list, it is very important to be sure you are at the kind of company where you want to build your career, otherwise, all of your hard work will end up being for nothing.

If you’ve already found a growing organization that values your skills and abilities while providing a healthy work environment, then it sounds like you are in the perfect spot to begin your accession. However, if you are still looking, why not give CFC a call? We’ve helped hundreds of candidates advance their careers and can help too!

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