Randy was a fresh hire at the office. He’d been brought in from a much smaller company and this was an incredible opportunity for him. Determined to make a good impression in his first week, he decided to stay late and finish up a few tasks.

Half an hour later, his concentration was interrupted by the sound of a vacuum cleaner. At first, Randy tried to ignore the noise, but it gradually grew closer until it sounded like it was coming from next door. He left his desk to find the source of the interruption.

Upon discovering the janitor cleaning the office beside his, Randy pulled the plug on the vacuum, bringing the unwelcomed noise to a halt.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Randy demanded of the janitor. “Don’t you know that some people have important work to do and you are disturbing them?”

The janitor apologized profusely, assuring Randy that he didn’t realize he was disturbing anyone.

“Well, maybe if you were smarter you would have noticed or you would have a better job and wouldn’t be in such a menial position,” Randy said with disdain.

The janitor didn’t know what to say, but a voice behind Randy, came to the man’s defense. “Jon has been employed here for more than ten years and his work is excellent. You have been here for only four days and I can already tell that you aren’t a good fit.”

Randy turned to find his boss’s boss standing in the doorway, also having worked late.

 “Hiring someone to do a job is easy. Finding someone who will perform their duties with excellence while holding to our company values is hard. This will be your last day. Please gather your things and go.”

In the narrative, it was the employee who didn’t hold the quality values of the company, but in real life, the situation can go both ways. It’s hard to work in an environment that doesn’t share your principles. It can lead to situations where you are asked to perform tasks that make you uncomfortable.

The recruiters at CFC understand that not all companies are worth working for. That is why we are careful when selecting our clients. We would never want to make a placement where the candidate felt that their morals were compromised. If you are thinking of looking for a new position with a quality company, give us a call today! We’d love to help you find a place where your talents, hard work, and values are celebrated!

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