The most mysterious of The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is undoubtedly The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Not only are the location, the dimensions, and the layout unknown, but there is also no certainty that the gardens were ever anything more than a myth. The only proof of their existence is descriptions, recorded mostly second-hand, by writers of the time. These descriptions speak of a magnificent, tiered garden, square in shape, with an enormous variety of trees and plants.

The common theory is that The Hanging Gardens were built by King Nebuchadnezzar II as a gift for his wife, Queen Amytis. According to legend, the queen missed the green hills and lush valleys of Media, her homeland, and found that the gardens reminded her of the countryside of her youth.

Despite no record of the gardens, or even of Queen Amytis, being found in Babylon, historians could not deny the number of accounts or their similarity in description. As a result, they added The Hanging Gardens to the list of wonders on merit alone. This goes to show what a reputation can do; it opens doors that seem closed and reveals opportunities we didn’t know existed.

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