Sadly, nearly all of the Wonders of the Ancient World have been destroyed, however, The Temple of Artemis is the only one to have been destroyed and rebuilt more than once. Its third, and final, phase remained standing for over 600 years. It was most notable for its numerous columns gilded with gold and silver.

When something is rebuilt, it allows the designer a chance to upgrade the features. In the case of The Temple of Artemis, the size was increased and new walls were added to create additional protection from the elements. There were also more sculptures and paintings, all crafted by some of the most renowned artists of the time.

If you were to redesign your career, what upgrades would you include?

A role with more responsibilities and prestige? A better work/life balance? More networking opportunities? A company with an amazing culture? The option for CE courses? These are all great things that can allow you to reach your full potential!

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