Supposing the average person spends about eight hours at work, that’s a third of their day. Another eight hours can be attributed to sleeping, although, it seems that in our caffeine-driven world, we are sleeping less and less. Depending on how often you get the recommended amount of sleep, this leaves us with between eight and ten extra hours in the day. Quite a bit of that gets taken up with the things life requires, such as eating, commuting, and personal care. However, once our responsibilities are fulfilled and our needs are met, most of us have a few hours of leisure.

My question for you is: How do you choose to spend them?

Barring the extreme, there is really no wrong answer to this question. Relaxing is good for your mental health, working out is good for your physical health, reading is good for your mind and imagination, creating art is good for your soul, spending time with friends and family is good for your mood. The key is taking all things in moderation. If you did just one of these in every spare moment, you would find your life unbalanced.

Time is a precious commodity. Each of us only gets so much of it, so it’s important to consider how we are using it. Here are a few tips I can offer on how to make the best of your time.

First, don’t be afraid to tell people ‘no’. If someone wants to take your time for something unproductive, then you are completely justified in telling them you can’t make it. That being said, sometimes the activity might be unproductive, while the relationship is not.

Second, find a way to relax that doesn’t involve a screen. Society spends nearly half its life staring at a screen these days. Choose a hobby that requires you to build with your hands, learn a new skill that can improve your life, play boards games with family and friends, find something that is both fun and relaxing.

Finally, don’t waste your time at a dead-end company. There are too many places ready to utilize your skills for less than you are worth without offering any opportunity for growth. Just like in your personal life, making the most out of your time at work is important. Don’t pour out your abilities for an organization that doesn’t try to fill you back up.

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