After a beautiful ceremony, where the bride and groom have professed their love and exchanged rings, the happy couple will walk down the aisle to the joyful chorus of ringing bells. This sound exemplifies the excitement of the day along with marking the beginning of the couple’s new life together.

At a moment such as that, almost no one will feel more smugly satisfied than the person who made the introduction. Hopeless romantics are always trying to set their friends up on blind dates or they might just so happen to invite a certain two people to the same place at the same time.

Most of us have done a little matchmaking in our lives. The plan could go either way. It might blow up in your face or the pair could live happily ever after.

Recruiting is a lot like matchmaking. We know a company that is looking for a candidate and a candidate that is looking for a company. Next, we must carefully consider if the two would be a good match. Just like with romantic relationships, things could get messy or it could be a brilliant fit.

Once we believe we’ve found the ideal situation, we arrange for the two to meet in the form of an interview. From there, we measure the feedback of both the hiring authority and the candidate. We attempt to clarify any misunderstandings and are ready to intercede and negotiate on behalf of either party. When the time comes for the offer letter to be sent and received, we can look on with as much satisfaction as if wedding bells were ringing.

If you’re ready to be set up with the perfect company or candidate, reach out to us here at CFC. Once we know what you’re searching for, we’ll be able to keep our eye out for the perfect match just for you!