The word home has held a special meaning for centuries. In ancient times, dwellings were considered so sacred that evil spirits weren’t allowed to enter without an invitation. Today, we all know popular and endearing phrases such as ‘Home is where the heart is’ and ‘There’s no place like home’.

The list of things that make a home so special goes on and on: family, pets, familiarity, comfort, security, structure. These are all elements that humans appreciate in their surroundings. Despite having built such a pleasant environment, we are often called upon to spend much of our time elsewhere.

One such place is the office. On average, employees spend about a third of their week at work, so shouldn’t the environment be as comfortable as possible? Going a step further, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be like a second home. Working in an environment where you’re miserable is not good for the mental or physical health of anyone.

Company culture is a growing topic in the corporate world. Organizations that embrace the movement are more likely to keep their employees happy and productive than those that don’t.

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