Seeds are one of the most incredible wonders nature has to offer. A plant embryo, nutrients for growth, and sometimes even the start of roots or leaves, all packed inside a protective pod less than 1% of the size the adult plant will be once fully developed.

These tiny life capsules are dropped by their parent plant, blown on the wind, or scattered far and wide by humans and animals until they find a place to take root and begin to develop with the right conditions. These requirements include warmth, water, and oxygen.

Just like a seed, your career needs certain conditions to grow. Without the proper tools and training, it is a struggle to complete your duties, without CE classes, it is difficult to continue expanding your abilities, and without connection opportunities, it is hard to deepen the roots of your network.

Is your current company giving you the support you need to advance your career? If not, give CFC a call today! We would love to help you find not just your next job, but a role that will help you grow into your dream career!