Burning in the void of space, trillions of miles away, stars light night skies all around the globe. You can see them in dozens of constellations and, if you’re very lucky, you might also see a shooting star.

Throughout history, almost every culture has had beliefs about shooting stars. Some, like the Greeks, thought the phenomenon was caused by the gods, Native Americans believed it to be a foretelling of war, the Mesopotamians saw it as a sign of bad luck, while the Egyptians believed the opposite, thinking it would bring them good fortune.

The modern belief is that when you see a shooting star, you get to make a wish. Do you know what you would wish for?

As recruiters, we’re not shooting stars, so we can’t make all of your wishes come true, but we can help you take the next step in your career while maintaining your work/life balance and ensuring that the company you land with will help you grow toward your full potential.

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