We’ve all heard the story of Cinderella. Most likely, it was among the very first fairy tales you were exposed to as a child. The whimsical story of a hard-working girl who is made into a servant by her evil stepmother, only to rise above it all by marrying the crown prince is a delightful example of the rags to riches scenario.

One of the most crucial elements of the fairy tale is the glass slipper. After our heroine flees from the ball at the stroke of midnight, the prince is only able to find her by locating the one girl whom the shoe fits perfectly.

 While this may sound a little silly, as a recruiter, it makes a lot of sense. Finding the perfect fit is a challenge as there are many obstacles involved. Cinderella’s shoe was magical, so of course she was the only one it fit.

However, in recruiting, we can’t depend on magic, but on knowing our candidates and client companies well enough to discover a pairing that would not only be mutually beneficial but enable both to reach higher production than either could alone. This kind of pairing requires things like strategy and goals to be in alinement while factoring in logistics, company culture, and growth potential.

If you are ready to find your perfect fit, call Commercial Finance Consultants today. We have helped hundreds of candidates just like you find their place in thriving companies. We would love to talk to you and, just like a fairy godmother, help make your dreams come true.

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