The scythe that you are probably most familiar with is the one carried by the Grim Reaper. It is long-shafted, has a sharp, curved blade, and is carried by death himself!

If you saw someone walking around with a scythe today, we would find it unusual. However, scythes were once a tool as common as brooms. They were used not primarily as weapons, but for agriculture.

Farmers wielding scythes would clear hundreds of fields at harvest time. By swinging the blade back and forth, they would sever the plants from their roots and leave them ready to be gathered. This is the last stage of the growth cycle. While it would seem like an end, farmers set aside a certain amount of the crop to use as seed for the next year’s planting, so it’s also a new beginning.

New beginnings can be challenging, especially in our careers. When you leave the security of one position, it can be a struggle to smoothly transition into another. That’s why recruiters are so useful. We can present you with options and help you find a company that is the perfect fit without the hassle of sending out dozens of resumes.

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