In spring, seeds begin to germinate once they have been exposed to the proper conditions. After absorbing sufficient water and oxygen, the hard shell of the seed will break open and roots will emerge followed shortly by a tender shoot, the sprout, containing leaves and a stem.

 The sprout is the first part of the plant to break from the ground into sunlight. Once it has appeared, the plant will be able to produce nutrients through photosynthesis. Soon, the stem will thicken and numerous leaves and off-shoots will appear. Within about two weeks, the sprout stage will have passed and the plant will be well on its way to achieving maturity.

However, those two weeks are the time when the plant is the most exposed. It could easily be crushed underfoot by a human or an animal, washed away in a storm, killed by a late frost, or be unable to absorb enough sun and water to sustain itself. If you are a gardener, you are aware of these facts and will take extra precautions in the care of the young plants.

As recruiters, we are also aware that for candidates the transition between two jobs can feel equally vulnerable. That is why CFC is committed to communication and confidentiality. We will walk you through each step of the process, from the introduction to the interview to signing the offer letter, guiding you into a better future as we have with many others.

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