When you look at the sky on a clear evening, what do you see? Stars, maybe a planet or two, and all the empty places in between.

The truth is, there’s a lot of nothing in outer space. To those on Earth, surrounded by houses, forests, lakes, and other people, this is more of an abstract thought. But consider for a moment what it’s like for astronauts, living and working for weeks and sometimes months in orbit. To them, the emptiness is right outside!

Being so close to an intense vacuum means that the crew must rely heavily on their support team, both on the ground and traveling with them. Everyone working together in unison is the only way to get back home safely.

Teamwork is an important key to success! Companies that have good teamwork thrive, while those without it often struggle. It’s the difference between knowing you’ll have a safe landing and fearing you might be lost in space.

If your crew needs to add some strong members to help meet your monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals, give CFC a call today! We would love to help your organization fill its empty seats with the best and brightest talent in the industry!