Christmas is known as a time for giving, but there are some things employees appreciate all year round. Here is a list of the top five.

1. Time with their family

You shouldn’t be surprised that this is number one on our list. Encouraging employees to spend time with their families may seem like a bad way to increase production, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. While jobs and careers are important, they should never come before loved ones. A good life/work balance is imperative for happy and loyal employees. Someone who is always worried about what is happening at home while they are at the office will be distracted and preoccupied, resulting in poor professional performance.

2. Your trust

This may surprise you, but who wants to spend their workday with someone looking over their shoulder questioning every choice that they make? Once an employee is properly trained and has proven that they can uphold the standard of the company, it is a waste of time to constantly scrutinize their actions. Of course, from time to time it is good to check in and ensure that they are still meeting their potential.

3. A career path

Nothing is worse than being stuck in a dead-end job. Employees who feel that their role has become stagnant and see no path forward will start looking outside of your corporation for advancement. However, if there is a way for them to progress along with having continued education options available to them, they are much more likely to remain with your corporation.

4. Financial stability

As the cost of living continues to rise, each year an employee doesn’t get a raise is a year they actually make less. By giving annual raises and bonuses, you are ensuring employees that their monetary needs will continue to be met. As much as people may love working for your company or team, they are still there in order to provide for themselves and their families.

5. A good reference

Despite how well employees are treated or how much they like your organization, there comes a day when life will take them in a different direction. Much as replacing good employees is a challenge, you can show your gratitude for the time they gave you by writing them a letter of reference. In the future, they may even return to your company with new skills and experiences.

At Commercial Finance Consultants, we truly believe that people are the most valuable asset any business can have. Organizations that take care of their employees understand this. Whether you’re a team leader for this kind of company or an individual who would like to join one, give us a call today. We specialize in helping to place quality candidates at top-notch companies. It would be our pleasure to start a dialogue that could lead to 2022 being your best year ever!

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