The seasons are a cycle without end. Spring gives way to the heat of summer, which fades into the brilliant colors of fall, followed by the cold winds of winter, until the rebirth of spring occurs again.

Few living things can weather the elements of all the seasons like plants can. At each stage, they prepare for the coming change, sometimes deepening their roots, sometimes growing leaves, sometimes shedding them, sometimes producing seeds. They too live in a cycle, which allows them to survive the harshest of conditions.

How do you weather the seasons of your career?

I’m certain you have experienced the fresh beginnings of starting a new position and the energetic months of gaining experience and excelling in your role. But what do you do when the expectations and the atmosphere change, causing everything around you to begin to decay?

There are two choices, you can attempt to adapt to the new situation or you can begin the cycle over again, this time with more experience and knowledge. As recruiters, Commercial Finance Consultants can be with you through it all. We are closely attuned to the ABL and Factoring industry and know when and where your talent will be valued.

If you’re ready to find a place to flourish in the years to come, give us a call today, and let us help you step forward into your next season!